Freight Costs

Once you’ve chosen the species of hardwood flooring that suits your home and you’re ready to buy, give us a call @ 607-594-4877 or e-mail us by Clicking Here. It will only take a minute to quote a shipping charge to your zip code. All freight quotes will be good for 30 days. After 30 days we will need to re-quote your shipment.

Freight Carriers. Who Ships My Hardwood Flooring?
We ship all products via large common freight liners such as Yellow Freight.

Where Do We Ship?
We ship to all zip codes in the continental United States, Canada & Mexico.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Flooring?
In most cases after your order is processed and gets on the road, it will arrive in a maximum of 7 business days. Keep in mind not all products are available for immediate delivery. In some cases, we may have stock available for immediate shipment but you should allow for a 4 week lead time on orders that we manufacture before delivery. If you find you need the flooring sooner please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Tracking The Shipment Online
When the order leaves our warehouse, we will contact you via e-mail, fax, or telephone to provide you with a tracking number and all of the necessary information needed to follow your shipment. For those preferring residential delivery, the freight company will call to schedule a convenient time. In most cases the calls will be made in the morning. It’s very important we get the most accessible phone number they can reach you at. For all orders, be it residential, business, or freight terminal we suggest calling the freight company in the morning when the flooring is in town. This number will be provided to you. You will also need the tracking number when any communication is done with the freight company.

Home Residential Delivery
In most cases residential deliveries will be made with large tractor trailer trucks. These are the same ones you see whizzing by you on the interstates. It’s important, especially with home deliveries, the freight company is made aware of where it’s going. If you have a driveway or road that’s inaccessible for large trucks it will have to be off loaded at the closest point where you will be responsible for it from there. In these cases you may need a pickup or van to transfer the flooring from this point to your home.

Residential service is considered “curbside delivery.” Curbside is defined as the truck will only go as far as the end of your driveway. Be prepared. Have plenty of able bodied help available. In cases where there is hard asphalt or concrete, and the truck can get close to your home or business, a lift gate service is offered at an additional cost. Pallet jacks are often used, only if there’s a smooth hard surface to roll it on. They’re the same ones often seen in supermarkets or other large retail stores when shelves are stocked. With lift gate service, the driver will off load the pallet(s) and get it as close as possible to your home or business. If it can be rolled into the garage or another area where it will be protected from the elements, the better. In order to make a more pleasant experience for all, please be ready and accommodate the drivers as they have other places on their schedule. Clear pathways etc.

Business Deliveries
If you should happen to own a business, or know someone that owns a business, we can ship there for the same rate as shipping to a freight terminal. These businesses must be in a commercial area, and not work out of the home type. They must also be open during regular business hours with someones able and available to receive the flooring. These types of deliveries are similar to residential, if no forklift is available.

*Important Note
When a shipment is received, make sure you have the proper amount of hardwood flooring before signing the Delivery Ticket. We cannot be held responsible for shortages after the shipment is signed for.

Freight Damage
In the rare likelihood of freight damage, or items that have not been received, you must note it on the delivery receipt before you are finished receiving the shipment. Don’t rely on the driver making notes. You must be specific. We cannot be held responsible for damage or shortages after the shipment is signed for. Notify us immediately of any freight damage or missing items. Even though you’ve made your notes while signing for the items, freight companies don’t tell us about it. It will be your responsibility to contact us immediately to expedite any replacements. In the rare case of damaged freight, we also require taking digital pictures and send them to us as soon as possible. The more information we receive, the quicker replacements will be on their way. Without written documentation of damaged freight or missing items we cannot proceed with any claims or replacements.

It’s always a good idea to have extra inventory on hand should you need it for a repair at a later date. Our policy for those wishing to return extras must do so within 30 days of placing the order. We do not accept returns under 200 square feet. Only unopened bundles of hardwood flooring will be accepted for return. You will be responsible for the freight when returning and a 25% restocking fee.

Cancelled Orders
Orders may be cancelled. However, those wishing to cancel orders after an order has been shipped will be responsible for all freight costs including a 25% restocking fee. Freight costs include shipment to you and back to the origin point.

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