We warrant our products, in their original manufactured condition, to be free from defects in manufacturing for as long as the original purchaser owns the floor. We warrant to replace any pieces of hardwood flooring manufactured by Purewood Flooring that should for any reason not meet the specifications set forth by the National Hardwood Flooring Association.


Color variations in hardwood flooring are a natural occurrence due to species, age, character of flooring and exposure to UV light or sunlight. For these reasons, new and/or replacement flooring may not match display samples and/or existing flooring.

Due to color variations of product and/or samples, we are not responsible for the consumer matching flooring to other wood products, such as cabinets, stair railings, trim & moldings.

Natural occurring wood characteristics such as variation in grain, color, mineral streaks, and knots are not considered defects.

Normal exposure to sunlight will bring out changes in the shading of any hardwood floor as the floor ages. Area rugs should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloring under the rug. This is not a product defect.

It is the responsibility of the installer and/or homeowner to inspect the boards prior to installation. We accept no responsibility for costs of product or labor when boards with visible defects have been installed.

Damage due to water and/ or moisture including but not limited to damage resulting from broken or leaking pipes, wet mopping or weather conditions or natural disasters is excluded from our warranties.


Our warranties do not cover indentation, scratches, stains or damage caused by negligence, fire, water, moisture, excessive heat or excessive dryness, corrosion, pebbles, sand or other abrasives, pets insects, spiked heel shoes, weather conditions or natural disasters, color variations, natural occurring wood characteristics, failure to follow installation and/ or maintenance instructions, improper maintenance, wet mopping, insufficient protection, misuse, or improper alterations of the original manufactured product. Our warranties do not cover natural expansion and contraction resulting in separation between boards or damage caused by low or excessive humidity. No warranties apply to any product or products designed as Country, Natural, Tavern Grade or Seconds. Any of these products are sold “AS IS”. This writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the express warranties provided by the law. There is no implied warranty extending beyond the terms of the warranty. We assume liability for incidental or consequential damages.


The installer/owner has final inspection responsibility as to the grade and manufacture. He/She must use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut off pieces with glaring defects whatever the cause.

Stain, filler or putty stick must be used to improve the appearance during installation. The use of such items is accepted as normal installation procedure.

When flooring is ordered 10 to 15% must added to the actual square footage needed for cutting and grading allowances.

It is the installer/owners responsibility to acclimate the flooring to the room for 7-10 days before installation.

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